Oil paintings

Master Italian painters create original works or reproductions. These paintings are done by hand and chronicle the history of art from the 16th century to the 20th century. We can use special “craquelure” effects to give the painting that typical old look and feel. Surfaces that can be painted include tables as well as canvases, which are then mounted on frames that have been “antiqued” by hand. All of our paintings have the Ars Nova brand name on the back as a guarantee of a product of quality craftsmanship.

Religious sculptures

Our sculptures use terracotta or “ceramina” to create angels, statuettes, holy water basins, crucifixes and “Last Supper” reproductions. All of the pieces are created in our workshops by expert hands. They are inspired by the original 1950s models.

Bas relief

Our sculptures in Carrara marble powder often feature white figures with delicate features. We make reproductions of classical European themes, which are realized skillfully using the bas-relief technique. These are available in many shapes and can be framed upon the client’s request.

Native scenes

Every year our workshop creates nativity scenes that are a representation of religious tradition and craftsmanship. The famous figures from the nativity are brought to life anew each year by our able local artisans who have learned these traditions as they’ve been passed down from generation to generation. They know how to make the clay molds, the special mixture of powder needed for papier maché, the proper manual refinishing methods and how to paint the figurines that enliven our nativity scenes.