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Oil Paintings

By the skilled hands of the Italian painting masters

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Religious sculptures

Devotional articles

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Carrara marble powder

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Nativity Scenes

Papier mâché and terracotta

Masters of tradition

Ars Nova Rossi is a company of craftsmen that has made a profession out of artistic tradition.

In the 1950s the company began developing its skills with passion in creating “fotocristalli.” These were prints that were finely decorated by hand, applied to curved glass and embellished with a gilt frame. At this time, the company began to garner appreciation and recognition for its work in Italy and abroad. The company grew and began to offer new products. In the 1970s, works by local sculptors were offered on the market, and devotional items and nativity scenes became particularly popular. These were created using methods from the previous century in poured terracotta, “ceramina” and papier maché from Lucca. Today expert painters work alongside Ars Nova’s decorators and sculptors, painting not just productions but original works as well. The canvases feature frames in gold leaf or silver, which are created based on ancient Florentine traditions. Paintings can also be made to suit the client’s needs or specific tastes.